Ilan Pappé

In November 2015, our Patron Ilan Pappe came to speak...

Saturday 28th November 2015: What Chance for Peace in Palestine?

This was the forth and final event in the series of events on ‘Talking About Peace in Palestine’, Kindly sponsored by the Amiel Trust.

There was a large turnout, occupying all three floors of the Museum and Centre, and we had a very informative talk, followed by a Q&A session, which included a live link-up with Gaza for a short time.

"See below for video links of his pre-talk interview and his 45 minute talk“

Prof Pappe is an Israeli historian, socialist activist and professor at the University of Exeter. Also the author of many authoritative texts on the Israel / Palestine situation, including ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’ and ‘The Forgotten Palestinians: A history of Palestinians in Israel’.