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Bristol to Palestine by Bike!
Friday 23 November 2018, 07:00pm - 08:30pm

Doors open at 6.30pm.

This is a free event, with a chance to donate to the Museum on the night.

Food and snacks will be available for purchase afterwards in the Resbite cafe on the ground floor.

Our speaker, Susannah is a politics teacher from Bristol, and in September 2017 she left her job to cycle 4,000 kilometres from Bristol to Palestine. She cycled through 13 countries, arriving in rainy Istanbul in November. On the way she encountered exceptional hospitality, and was warmly received by farmers and strangers in Albania, Germany, Greece, Croatia and other places. She learnt a lot about conquering fear, and about the kindness of strangers, lessons that were to do me well when she was working in Palestine as a solidarity activist.

From there she flew to Palestine and spent, in total 5 and a half months working on different projects and speaking to people struggling against the occupation. She spent three months as a solidarity activist with the ISM where she was detained by Israeli soldiers in Hebron, stood in front of a bulldozer ready to destroy the Bedouin village of Khan Al Ahmar, visited villages that had had their water supply cut off in the Jordan Valley, sat in hospital with an 11 year old boy who'd been shot in the head by Israeli snipers in Gaza and interviewed the father of Ahed Tamimi, Bassem, in Nabi Saleh.

She also volunteered in refugee camps around Nablus, leaning about the right to return denied to these people and the their descendants who are not allowed to return to their homes in what is now Israel. She met environmental activists working to support the boycott of Israeli produce by growing organic vegetables on land sitting beside the apartheid wall in Bil'in, and in the shadow of nearby illegal settlements, and learned about the effect of Israel's stranglehold over Palestinian land and resources. When not working on these projects I enjoyed cycling through Palestine's pleasant hills and valleys, in Bethlehem, the Jordan Valley and Jerusalem. Despite the chaos and violence she fell in love with Palestine and the beauty of its landscape, nature and people.

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